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How do physical therapists interact with kids?

My daughter is going to have physical therapy for her shoulder after dislocating it. She's 8 years old. How do physical therapists interact with kids her age?

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8 years old is a good age the client can communicate and provide fees back about their pain level or limitations.
Usually the guardian will be around during the session to help the therapist with better communication
As a minor you are more than welcome and encouraged to attend the initial evaluation. There will be questions that surround her pain, your observation of her average daily movements, and development up until present day. The exercises will be tailored to your child’s level and supervised. Each treatment can vary based on the treating or evaluating therapist.
There is no particular way to deal with kids. The therapist is going to take proper care of the kid.
I would recommend you seek the consultation from a Certified Pediatric PT. Just as in other professions, we specialize in an area of expertise such as Orthopeadics, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Neurologics, Industrial etc. etc. She could see a Generalist and would be treated well. Godspeed and good luck.
It depends upon the therapist. There are physical therapists who specialize in pediatric care and are great with kids. I recommend researching the therapists in your area and see who has a history with children under 10 years old.
For all pediatric cases, with one exception below, treatments should always be game based. A child's "job" outside of school is to play and learn from those experiences. Forcing a child to do "standard PT" is incorrect. The exception would be if they want to or benefit most from a regimented routine of exercises.
Usually, PT interactions with kids are very good. Since she is an 8-year-old kid, her recovery will be faster.