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How do you crack your lower back like a chiropractor?

I am a 33 year old male. I want to know how can I crack your lower back like a chiropractor?

6 Answers

You don't.
Unfortunately you can not
The only way you can crack your back like a chiropractor is to take 1420 hours of education after your bachelor's degree and spend 2 years in student clinic and then you'll have the basics.
It's a long road, including 4 years or more at a chiropractic college. I will not let you crack my back unless you are a licensed chiropractor. You should follow that same advice.
Short answer, you don’t. It’s not safe to try to do that on your own. If you’re in pain, go to the chiropractor if you’re able. Otherwise search ‘lower back workout with Dr. Eric Goodman’ on YouTube for a great back exercise to help heal low back pain. This will take you doing the exercise daily, likely for a few weeks.
It is not possible to adjust your own spine with the specificity or force that Chiropractors use. You may get some pops while moving your spine, but this is not moving the correct segment.