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How do you crack your upper back and neck?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know how do you crack your upper back and neck?

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This can only be done by a Structural Chiropractor. I would not advise on cracking your own neck and upper back areas.
Cracking your own back will often lead to cracks in joints that are not the ones causing your pain. Over doing it can also trigger hypermobile joints. If you are dealing with pain in your spine have an expert evaluate and treat appropriately.
Dear Sir,

You show (or describe) how to safely remove an appendix, and then I'll show you how to safely ADJUST the cervical spine. Now, many individuals do "crack" their spine. However, a stroke or partial paralysis can easily occur if a nerve or blood vessel becomes torn or pinched should the motion inadvertently places too much stretch on a structure or pinches it. Therefore, I cannot in good conscious outline how to do what you request. Enrollment into a 4-year Doctor of Chiropractic usually starts twice/year. If you are having some annoying or mild pain, there are doctors who work for a company called The Joint, who inexpensively will take care of your issues.
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M. Malmgren, DC, PhD, PA. MSc
You don’t. A professional does.

Skylar Bakko, DC QNCP PAK BFM

Self manipulation should be avoided at all costs!
Nobody should crack their own neck. The vertebrae of the spine should move in conjunction with each other. If one is moving too little the others adapt and move extra. If you "crack" your own neck or any other part of the spine you will make the problem worse. The cracking may give temporary relief due to the release of endorphins, but that is not beneficial to the spine. It is an art and individuals who practice manipulation have to be carefully train
You go to a chiropractor. It is dangerous to do it yourself.
This is something that takes a lot of training and practice. Chiropractors go through many years of school and training to do what they do. I would not recommend trying this on your own. As they say... don't try this at home!
You must go to a licensed Chiropractor for this treatment. Performance of this procedure by any non licensed professional is dangerous and could cause harm to the spine.