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ā€œHow do you fix middle back pain in children?ā€

I am a 37 year old male. My child has middle back pain. How do you fix middle back pain?

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Identify if any structural or mechanical faults are present on exam and if present, re-align the spine to restore motion, remove nerve interference and consequently eliminate the pain. It is the same principle as when you hit your crazy bone, which is the the ulnar nerve, and you pull away and eventually the pain goes away.
Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Take your child to a chiropractor or other health care professional who will take a history and do an examination to find the cause of the pain, make a proper diagnosis, and make appropriate treatment recommendations.
Iā€™d get it evaluated by a chiropractor. It could be a vertebra or rib out of alignment. It could be muscles strain. It all depends on the cause.
Thank you for your question. There can be a number of things causing your child's back pain. It would be best to have them evaluated by a chiropractor. In the meantime make sure the child is having good posture. Such as a good place to study or use electronics that isn't causing them to hunch. You can also use some ice on the area for 20 minutes at a time in the meantime.
After performing an examination, I would perform chiropractic adjustments to improve the function of his thoracic vertebrae. Additionally, I would provide ancillary therapies if needed and would provide home stretches and strengthening exercises.
I recommend taking your child to a Pediatric Chiropractor for an examination. This will reveal the cause of the middle back pain, then it can be properly treated.
A chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics can help you.