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How do you prevent osteoporosis?

My grandfather was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and I'm wondering if there's a chance that I could get it. Is it hereditary? How can I prevent it as I get it older?

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Osteoporosis is multi factorial in nature, and there is likely some genetic component. A healthy diet without processed foods, and regular weight bearing exercise is the best way to prevent osteoporosis.
Usually for men, it does not occur until you are past the age of 65-70. If there is a hereditary predilection, be sure to have calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Weight bearing exercises like weightlifting and walking can keep your bones strong. Above all, do not smoke! Smoking causes early osteopenia among a host of other health problems. I can’t emphasize that enough! Good luck and stay healthy.
Bones need two things to stay strong: calcium phosphate and vitamin K2. A Google search will tell you what foods have these two.
Osteoporosis is not hereditary; although you reach peak bone mass at about age 28-30 years of age. Osteoporosis is caused by bone loss which occurs with time. Rate of loss is increased in women after menopause. Prevention is weight bearing exercise, weight training and adequate calcium intake. Primary care physicians and OB/GYNs can give you additional information. The Osteoporosis Foundation has lots of free literature also.
Good luck.
Regular exercise
Good diet
Not hereditary