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How many chiropractic adjustments does it take to work?

I am a 36 year old male and I will have a chiropractic adjustment. How many chiropractic adjustments does it take to work?

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Depends on what you’re trying to get to work. Typically, every adjustment works. It just usually takes repeated stimulation to help your body kickstart it’s healing mechanisms again. Compare it to getting in shape in the gym. You wouldn’t expect to go once and be in the best shape of your life. It’s the same thing when eating a good diet. You don’t just eat a good meal once and become super healthy. It takes repetition over time because the results are cumulative.
The answer to your question depends on a variety of factors. What do you define as "work"? What is the condition you need the adjustments to "work" on? How long have you had the condition? Most chiropractic treatment plans will consist of an initial two-week trial of care to see if certain short term goals are met. If these goals are not reached, further assessment and/or referral to another provider is warranted.
Good luck!
Common question and unfortunately the answer will have to be an unsatisfactory “It Depend”. With that being said the amount of adjustments needed for a specific condition does not have any definitive stats but their are many factors that will affect the duration of care.

At Rhino Chiropractic we have for 20 years this February been recommending care plans to patients for their specific health conditions. The age of the patient as well duration of the problem are major factors. A person’s lifestyle and hereditary factors all play an integral roll in determining clinical recommendations. I have found in order to make ligamentous changes in spinal joints and achieving structural spinal correction consistent specific repetitive adjustments must be performed in order to see long lasting results. We have seen this approach to be far more beneficial than just receiving A few adjustments for initial crisis care (pain relief).

There is so much more to Chiropractic care than pain relief or pain management. Though the pain is usually the motivation to initially seek care I highly recommend exploring a great Chiropractor to help you achieve your optimal potential with a properly aligned spine!
It all depends on your particular situation. I have had patients that have gotten almost 100% relief on the first adjustment, but sometimes it has take 3-4 before they began to notice improvement. Don't get discouraged if you do not see results on the first visit.

Doc J.

Congrats on beginning chiro care. You will love it. How long it takes to work depends on your body's current condition:

* Pain levels
* Level of fitness
* Diet, drug use, alcohol use, etc.
* Prescription pills you are taking
* How long the condition has been there
* Overall deterioration of the spine on X-ray


This is a very generalized statement, BUT: The average responder will begin to get better around the 10-20th visit. REAL healing takes time. There is no way around that.
Best of luck!

Benefit should start happening after the first adjustment. However, it’s important for you to know that I just want to build on themselves and create greater effect overtime.

That is a hard question to answer depending why you are going. If you are looking for pain relief, you should be able achieve results in 6 to 12 treatments. If you are looking for spinal correction, depending on your spinal health, it could take anywhere from 36 to 48 treatments. There are many forms of chiropractic care so make sure you seek the appropriate one for the outcome you desire.


Dr. Duchon
It varies. Everyone is different.
It depends for different people. This will also depend on how long you have had the pain, how intense the pain is, and the quality of the pain such as dull and achy or sharp and burning. Each case is different!
Thanks for the question. I am not clear as to your meaning "to work." If it is to take away your pain, it depends on what is causing your pain, your age, your health history, and possibly other factors. So, if it is a mechanical issue and within the scope of practice, it can take one or several.
Each case is different and recommendations should be unique to your exam, symptoms, history and health goals. Avoid situations where every patient gets the same recommendations or huge bundles of adjustments to start care.
It really depends on the way your body responds to treatment. When you say "how many does it take to work", this is a really broad question. We first need to define "works", for some people this is getting out of pain, for other people this means taking control of not only their pain but also their structure and their overall health. Hope that helps.
This depends on the history of your complaint. Acute injuries tend to heal faster than chronic conditions. I would suggest getting 5-10 treatments regularly and making all recommended changes, stretches, exercises, etc. After that, you can make a decision if you want to continue care.