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How often should I see a chiropractor for hip pain?

I am a 43 year old female with hip pain. How often should I see a chiropractor for hip pain?

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I, personally, would likely see someone twice a week for a few weeks until the pain was gone and then have them consider some sort of regular schedule of care monthly or biweekly to prevent it from returning.
Based on the severity and chronocity of your condition. Also depends what your goal is for your treatment, either to correct the problem or just remove pain.
Really depends on the Dr's exam findings, in general approx. 2 times a week.
Depends on a lot of variables, importantly the cause of the pain. Chiropractic care is not like taking a toxic med three times a day for six months.
There is no simple answer for how often you need to see your chiropractor. A lot depends on your specific issue and your response to treatment. One thing I have noticed in my practice, however, is that the patients who come in more frequently, improve more quickly than those who come in less. Often, I will recommend a frequent visit schedule in the beginning stages of treatment, say 3 times per week for instance, and then reduce the frequency as the patient improves (2 times per week, 1 time per week, every other week, and so on). Whatever the recommendation, it is nearly always beneficial to be treated more in the beginning, because symptoms return more quickly in the initial stages of treatment.

For example: let's say you come to see me for hip pain. I assess you and find that what you are experiencing as hip pain is actually referred pain from you SI (sacroiliac) joint, a common condition. This joint is in your low back, between the sacrum (the large triangular bone at the base of the spine) and the ilium (the part of the bony pelvis commonly called the hip). I provide treatment (chiropractic adjustments and possibly some soft tissue work) and your pain is relieved. You leave my office feeling better, but 2 to 24 hours later, that same pain returns and may even feel a little worse now. You get frustrated, but decide to return for more treatment in one week. You suffer through another agonizing week in pain and then return. I treat the same area and again you feel better. You walk out without pain,
but in a day or 2 it comes back. You get upset and say to yourself, "This chiropractic stuff doesn't work! It only lasts a short time and then the pain comes right back!" But the issue is that you haven't given it enough time or enough treatment. You can't tell that the symptoms are staying away longer after each treatment, because you have only been treated 2 times in 2 weeks.

Now let's look at another example: The scenario is the same, except that
this time you believe me when I say that you should come in 3 time a week
for 2 weeks. Again, after the first visit you leave feeling better, but
have return of pain in 2 - 24 hours. However, this time you return within
48 hours for your follow-up treatment. This time, after the second
treatment, you leave with no pain and stay that way for 2 days. You notice
some pain return the afternoon before your third treatment, but it isn't
too bad and after your treatment you feel great again. Your fourth visit is
after a weekend and you are feeling some pain that morning, but again, the
treatment takes care of it. Your other two visits that week you are pain
free and I recommend 2 visits a week for the 2 following weeks. This time,
after 2 weeks, you are totally out of pain. You may think you are done, but
stick with it. The pain may return if you discontinue your care at this
time. Absence of pain doesn't necessarily mean that your problem is fully

In both of these scenarios the problem was the same, the treatment was the
same, and the response to the treatment was the same. The only thing that
was different was the frequency. Your body is constantly adjusting and
adapting to your environment (inside and out). It needs time to fully
"adapt" or respond to the treatment you receive. It took some time for your
pain to start and to build up to where you felt that you needed to get some
help for it. It would not be realistic to assume that the issue(s) would
fully resolve with one treatment.

Now, I do sometimes have patients who respond much better to treatment than
average. They might, for example, have no pain after the first treatment
and none returns later. After the first week I may suggest 2 visits for the
following week, then one visit the week after, and then try going two weeks
for the next. We’re all different and our treatment plans should be
adaptable too.

Discuss your situation with your chiropractor. Ask them what their
treatment plan is for you. If you’re unsure, ask them why they feel that is
the best course of care for you. Then, *trust them to do their job* and
help your body to not only feel better, but to heal and function better too.
Hi! Treatment depends on the cause of hip pain, the length of time the patient has been suffering, the diagnosis, any trauma or injuries, and any comorbidity factors (such as if the patient has diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, overweight, etc). Treatment can range anywhere from 6 visits to 36, again depending on these factors. It is important to have a thorough intake and evaluation, and possibly even imaging performed to have a better, more accurate recommendation.

Yours in good health,
Angie Skokos, DC, MS
This depends on the cause of your hip pain. Generally once per week for 10 weeks plus ongoing home care is sufficient to get you out of pain and prevent future issues.