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How should I sleep with impinged shoulders?

I am a 46 year old male. I want to know how should I sleep with impinged shoulders?

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The most ideal position for our bodies to sleep in is on our backs with a supportive pillow that allows our neck to have a natural posterior curve as well as laying with a small pillow under our knees to take pressure off of our low backs. Some people cannot sleep on their backs though and the next best position would be to sleep on your side with a pillow that allows our
neck to be neutral with our spine and then sleep with a pillow between our legs to help avoid pelvic imbalances. Obviously, when one is experiencing shoulder pain, it may not be possible to sleep on your side either, and in that instance, I would try sleeping on your back.
Avoid sleeping on your affected shoulder. Go to a chiropractor to care for your impinged shoulder.
Sleep on your back with one medium firmness pillow under your head. Avoid side sleeping.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
On your back elevated 5+ degrees with pillows under your knees. This will help relieve pressure on the shoulders and upper back.

Doc J

Sleeping with impinged shoulders can be painful and the only position that can be effective would be on your back and slightly inclined. Some people buy a body wedge pillow that elevates them at an angle. This was used for people with acid reflux before but can provide pressure relief for the shoulders and neck. If you find yourself always sleeping on your side, you may consider a side sleeper pillow that takes pressure off of your shoulders by positioning them properly. Everyone is different so try what works based on what I've said.
On your back face up, with small pillow. If uncomfortable on your low back, put a rolled blanket under your knees.
If you can find a comfortable position to sleep in, that will be your best option. I usually suggest those with shoulder impingement sleep on their backs.
Sleeping on the back is always the best for the spine so that it is supported and not causing damage, however, with impinged shoulders, we would need to see exactly what is going on to tell what the best way for you to sleep would be as well as see if we could help fix the root cause of the impingement!