Pulmonologist Questions Pneumonia

How to confirm pneumonia?

My son is 3 years old and is suffering from a severe bout of cough and cold. He is also having severe wheezing. He has had such episodes regularly in the past three years of growing up, but this time looks quite serious. Could it be a pneumonia? What are the symptoms to confirm pneumonia in a person?

2 Answers

Pneumonia needs to be diagnosed by X-ray. I would suggest seeing a pediatric pulmonologist for accurate diagnosis, and treatment. This could be asthma or another chronic problem needing maintenance treatment.

James L. Pearle, M.D.
A pneumonia is typically accompanied by a fever. Recurrent bouts of wheezing might be a sign of asthma or a lung malfunction, especially if it has been there since your child was quite small. Asthma would be most common with other things less common. Babies and small children can also have reflux which can also make them wheeze.

Barbara A. Stewart, MD, FCCP, FAAP
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