Pediatrics Questions Encopresis

I think my daughter has encopresis. What should I do?

My 4-year-old, I think, has encopresis. She now won't leave the house or put any clothes on. What kind of doctor do I need to see for treatment? And what are some treatment options?

Female | 4 years old
Complaint duration: 1 month
Medications: miralax

3 Answers

Most of the time, pediatricians can treat chronic constipation and encopresis along with the gastroenterologist doctor, and to make sure no underlying cause for the chronic constipation.
See a pediatrician. The child should follow proper diet, to encourage having regular bowel movements.
Encopresis is when she cannot control her bowels. The most common reason is constipation and I see she has been on miralax. Is she taking it daily and having a soft bowel movement daily? If not, she may need to see Peds GI . You usually will need a bowel cleanout and high fiber diet and behavior training to go to potty .