Psychiatrist Questions Bipolar Disorder

Is bipolar disorder hereditary?

I have a history of bipolar disorder in my family as both my father and grandfather had the same disease. Is there a chance that me or my brother could also get the same?

7 Answers

Often runs in the family
No one knows absolutely. Most research has shown that people who have family histories are more likely to have the disease, but less than 5% of people develop this illness. So, your chances might be 6 or 7 out of a hundred instead of 3-4. Still most likely to not have it, but if you have significant depression or start not sleeping, you should get evaluated.
Good luck!
Bipolar as well as other mental health disorders can pass through generations, not necessarily that you will suffer from it. It will though be helpful for you to have an awareness about that illness.
Yes, but the risk is probably less that 50%
There is enough scientific evidence that Bipolar disorder has a genetic influence and could be hereditary.
Family history of bipolar disorder does predispose you and your brother at risk of potentially having a bipolar disorder. It is a good idea to learn more about signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder and seek evaluation and treatment as soon as possible if there are any concerns of you or your brother experiencing any of the symptoms. You can also take steps to reduce your risk such as abstaining from alcohol or drug use, learning positive coping skills, reducing stress etc...
Yes, possibility is there, try to be free from stressful situations, do not use drugs or alcohol, maintain good physical health with healthy food and sleep habits.