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Is it OK to exercise after an adjustment?

I'm 25, and I'm going to have a chiropractic adjustment for pain and soreness around my spine. But, is it okay to go exercise after my adjustment? A gym is offering a zumba class that I want to go to.

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You should call your chiropractor about this prior to your appointment. Doing Zumba or exercising is normally fine after being adjusted. The question lays in your diagnosis and treatment plan you are seeing your chiropractor for. Exercising and the type thereof is either indicated or contraindicated around your spine pain, not being adjusted.
This is probably a question best for your own chiropractor since there are many different techniques that we use when someone is coming in for an “adjustment”, and since each condition and body is slightly different as well. Although movement is usually good for recovery you want to return with caution after an injury to prevent set backs. In my office, what I usually suggest is that your pain is consistently under a 4/10 when you return to exercise or fitness training. Also I suggest that everyone (even after a maintenance adjustment) to wait 20-30 minutes after a spinal manipulation to do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
It's not a good idea to exercise immediately after. Muscles and ligaments are reactive for several hours after an adjustment because they are acclimating to the change in joint position. Exercise too quick and you just lost the benefits of the treatment. Rule of thumb: Adjust in the morning, workout in the afternoon and vice versa, or workout before the adjustment.

The best course of action is to ask this question to your treating chiropractor.
Yes, it’s okay. I wait an hour or so but you’d be fine. Drink plenty of fluids.
I tell my patients to avoid rigorous exercises after an adjustment to allow the body to hold. You should wait 24 hours after an adjustment before taking Zumba class or any other strenuous workout activity. Go for a 20 min walk after your treatment to maximize its effect.

I strongly encourage my patients to workout after their adjustments. Adjustments mobilize (move) spinal joints, which increases mobility and reduces pressure on nerves. Less pressure on nerves should mean better nerve flow, which ultimately means better nervous system function, so a more effective workout.


Dr. Duchon
Perfectly okay!

Unless you have an injury that you are treating, it is absolutely okay to exercise after a general adjustment. If you notice pain with exercise, then you can stop or modify that activity.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

In general, yes it is fine. This really depends on what your treatment plan is. It would be a good idea to discuss this with you Chiro.