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Is pregnancy safe for women with heart issues?

I had a serious heart arrhythmia treated several years ago, and I want to know if this puts me or my baby in danger if I ever get pregnant. Is pregnancy safe for women with previous heart issues? I'm 32 years old.

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Yes. We call this condition "high risk pregnancy."
There are several levels of grading heart dz for mild to severe and need to be discussed with your OB or Perinatologist with all the fact from your cardiologist to make an assessment as to what category you may fall under so you and your doctor can make an informed decision in future pregnancy planning.

Rob Muller
It depends on what the heart condition is, what the underlying heart function is and what is being used to control it.
This would be an excellent question for your cardiologist.
Most likely, you would need to see a Maternal-Fetal specialist (perinatologist) for a consult and for the management of your pregnancy.
Like most chronic problems, many cardiac problems get worse as you age, so if you are considering pregnancy, the earlier you have it, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Good luck,
Cynthia Tucker MD