Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Stuttering

Is there a cure for stuttering?

My husband has been stuttering since his childhood. He has now started a business and finds it hard to communicate, now that he is specifically focusing on his speech. This is affecting his confidence. Is there anything he can do about this at his age? He's 46.

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There’s many different factors that can effect stuttering. Have him see an SLP experienced in stuttering. There are absolutely some things they can work on that can aid in reducing stuttering, even at the young age of 46!
I would consult a Speech Pathologist
Hello. Before I begin my response to your question, please note I am a medical speech language pathologist. We are required to complete a Bachelor's, Master's, 9-month externship, and then apply for certification. While we are trained specialist within the domain of medicine and healthcare, we are not physicians. I am not a doctor.

Now, the beautiful thing about brain plasticity and speech language pathology services is that there is no age restriction! When I was in graduate school, it was drilled into our heads "there is no known cause nor cure for stuttering." What we have found in research is that some individuals have been found to be more fluent when working with auditory feedback or singing. There is definitely something he can do. I encourage you and your husband to find a Board Certified in Fluency Speech Language Pathologist in your area and get an evaluation and initiate some services. Being a great communicator is not necessarily about being 100% fluent; whom among us really is? I have had a few fillers and interjections (i.e., uh, er, etc.) myself in the midst of conversation! So, he can work on both presenting himself as a strong communicator as well as techniques to smooth the "bumpy" speech that may occur during higher verbal demand situations.
I would reach out to our governing body at ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) and see if you can find a clinician who focuses on Dysfluencies/Stuttering. You don’t want him to go to just any clinician. But in the right hands, he can be given strategies to help him in dysfluently challenging times. In the wrong hands it will feel like a waste of time and money. But there are SLP’s who are specialists - who can help him see a difference fairly quickly. He can be helped!
I pray that this was helpful!
There isn’t a cure for stuttering. But, stuttering therapy can be worked on in speech-language therapy as we use various techniques and teach those that stutter how to minimize it.