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My left shoulder seems to sit lower than my right. Can it be resolved?

I am 19 years old and I have noticed that my left shoulder is a little lower than my right. Nobody else has noticed it besides me. Can this problem be resolved? How?

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Chiropractics will help to align and improve joint function.
The differential question needs to be knowing the exact location of the pain. Nerve tracing can be helpful here and it is done at our offices with a thermograph scanner. A postural full spine x-ray will ascertain the pelvic bio-mechanics, and show the doctor what has to be done to correct this.
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There can be different reasons for this presentation. I would recommend you consult with a chiropractor to figure out the cause and then if it can be treated.
Usually that is seen in scoliosis but there can be shoulder involvement too. Your Chiropractor will have to examine and analyze the cause of that postural change to give you the right treatment plan.
More than likely, the higher shoulder is on the same side of your dominant hand dominance. If you are right-handed, you will tend to do more with your right hand, leading to a muscular imbalance, thicker, stronger muscles on the right than the left. Probably what you need to do is: do more with your left hand to balance the muscular imbalance. However, it is possible that it could also be a sign of scoliosis, which is the lateral curvature of the spine, and is more common in females than males!
It can be from a variety of issues, without an exam and history it is impossible to say for sure. See a good local Doctor of Chiropractic and get it checked out.
Your problem is structural. Look in the mirror and put your hands on the top of your hips. One side is probably higher than the other. See a chiropractor. It comes from your pelvis being rotated
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It can be due to a few things. First, it may just be your structure. It may also be due to a mild scoliosis. Or, you may simply be misaligned. A chiropractic evaluation and/or X-rays will get to the root of the issue.

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Dr. Todd Gewant
In most cases, yes. A good examination and X-ray would tell.
Yes, you might see it if you look closer in the mirror. This might be a postural compensation.
Yes, chiropractics can help even you out. You need to get your neck adjusted, shoulders, and mid-back regions.
It could be depending on the cause. An X-ray will help determine the cause.
Yes. The uneven shoulders may be indicative of a problem with your spine such as muscle imbalance or possibly scoliosis. Chiropractors are trained to examine and correct those types of imbalances.
Yes this issue may be due to a muscular or structural imbalance in the shoulder or scapula region. Consult a Chiropractor who utilizes extremity adjustments and soft tissue therapy.