Orthopedist Questions Bone Density

Can lifting weights in the gym cause my bones to become weak?

I read a recent article that said lifting weights in the gym could cause pressure on the bones and make them weak. Is this true?

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No on the contrary, lifting weights will strengthen your sceleton
No. In fact, we recommend weight bearing exercises to help prevent osteoporosis and keep bones strong.
Lifting weights under the guidance of a professional strengthens muscles and bones and actually promotes healthy bone remodeling.
No, actually, it’s the exact opposite: resistance training is one of the best ways to develop strong bones and joints. Bones respond to gravity and any and all compressive loads; that’s why sitting too much is not a good idea no matter your age. And the chemicals your brain releases after any workout in the gym or at home where you are engaged in heavy breathing is extraordinarily beneficial to almost every system in your body. Weight training is also an excellent way to turn up your metabolic rate and burn more calories than just about any other form of exercise.

Dr. Mudano
I am not sure "weak" is the right word. A person can strengthen muscles and their connections to bone (tendons). Gym workouts can help your heart and lungs. Appropriate weight bearing and impact exercises can strengthen the bones. However, the joints (the surfaces of the bone, ligaments that holds bones together, and structural cartilage like labrum and meniscus) cannot be strengthened. They are delicate structures that can be weakened, damaged, torn and bruised through too much exercise or too forceful workouts. In addition, they do not always heal after injury/damage and can lead to progressive and unrelenting pain and dysfunction. It is therefore recommended that exercise is done thoughtfully and to not put excessive stresses across the joints.

I hope this helps.

David T. Neuman, MD
On the contrary. Weightlifting stresses the bones, which causes them to become stronger.

Dr. Bose
There may be some confusion here regarding the information. I would like to see the article that you are referring to. Typically weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones. One can get stress fractures from excessive exercise and repetitive loadbearing activities. Running and dancing or particularly problematic with stress fractures at times. Proper weight training should be a Yet plus to your health. Please consult your trainer at the gym for some guidance. Good luck
NO! That is what makes bones strong. The amount of calcium gained by the time one is about 20 years old pretty much determines how the bones do in the future, especially for females.
So, go for it! BTW, stressing bones with fast walking or running is even better for building bones!
That is not true minutes you have severe osteoporosis. In fact, routine weightlifting increase the density and strength of your bones.
No, this is not true.
Lifting weights or resistance training can actually strengthen your bones and may minimize risk of osteoporosis.