Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions bone growth

I have a little bone growth just under my toe. Will it have to be treated with surgery?

I have a small bone growth that is just below my toe. I would like to know if surgery is the only way to treat it or is there anything else I can do?

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The bump can be treated with padding and protection, but the only way to actually fix the problem is to remove it with surgery. It is a simple surgery which can be done through a tiny incision. Most patients can return to work in two to three days.

Kathleen Neuhoff, DPM 

Have it evaluated to confirm that it is bone. If it is it can be padded for comfort or surgically removed
Yes, if conservatives treatment such as offloading pad did not resolve your pain, then you will require surgery to remove the bone spur under your toe. Please visit a foot and ankle surgeon for further treatment.
No. There are lots of conservative treatments. First we take an X-ray to evaluate the bone. We have pads, custom inserts, topical anti inflammatory, injection therapy to alleviate pain. All these measures are taken prior to any surgical correction.
If it hurts it would need to be addressed, depending on where it hurts would depend on chances of success with conservative care. If you are not a surgical candidate padding or a shoe modification may be your only option.
If it hurts.
Usually that’s the case, although if it’s not bothering you, I would leave it alone.
Usually toe off-loading pads, sleeves can help reduce pain and symptoms, but X-rays are needed to offer further treatment options. If it's a simple bone growth, it could be easily shaved off via outpatient surgery.
I take this to mean that it is under your toenail. If that is the case, then surgery is the best option
Thanks for your question. I am sorry you are dealing with an abnormal growth on your toe. It is rather rare to have a true osseous growth on a toe. I would need more clinical information to appropriately answer your question. I have seen patients who self diagnose themselves and have an entirely different problem then what they thought. I would need to examine you to find out what your diagnosis is. Please do not hesitate to contact the office for an appointment. I wish you all the best. God bless.
Conservative treatment, if it is a bone growth, would be to reduce pressure with insoles or changing shoes. Would recommend X-rays to evaluate the growth to make sure that it is not a cyst or bone tumor. The other option would be to remove the bone growth. Would recommend seeing physician.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Bone enlargements or growths are not uncommon findings, particularly with toes. These may represent simple degenerative spurs or in fact, may represent small benign bone tumors. One frequently encountered is identified as an osteochondroma. This does represent a benign overgrowth of bone with cartilage surface. Treatment of these bone groups is based on symptomatology and impact on local function and pain. Clearly, if there are any concerns regarding appearance based on radiographs, then an excisional biopsy is always recommended. Further, if one cannot obtain relief or improved function by offloading the affected area with the appropriate footwear or digital padding, then surgery is the most effective treatment, as these enlargements will not spontaneously regress and there is no medical management that will allow for dissolution of the overgrowth of bone.