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My father is suffering from severe back pain. Can it be treated with manual adjustment of the spine?

My father is 64 years old and is suffering from severe back pain for the last one month. He is afraid of any kind of spinal or back surgery. Can manual adjustment of the spine help him get some relief in his given condition?

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Yes! Most of the time we Chiropractors can help our senior patients feel stronger, have less pain and increase their mobility!
Yes unless he has a ruptured disc
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Spinal manipulation can help alleviate acute and chronic low back pain, depending on your father's medical condition. Apparently, from your question your father has seen an allopathic doctor. Is the doctor recommending spinal or back surgery? What is your father's diagnosis?
Severe back pain can be caused by many things. With the age considered would also need to include furth testing like x-rays or possible lab tests to rule out things like fracture or prostate involvement. With those considered and not the cause then based on diagnosis adjustments and even soft tissue work can help. Based on cofactors like arthritis or stenosis may require a longer treatment plan.
I think the best course of action would be to find a local chiropractor and schedule a consultation for your father. It would be very difficult to determine to what extent chiropractic adjustments would benefit him without a proper physical exam and possibly x-rays. A chiropractor is trained to examine and diagnose the source of the pain, and if he/she is unable to help him they should be able to refer you to the proper professional.


Dr. Tyler Dreher, D.C.
My first response is absolutely Chiropractic could help your father but first we have to know why is he having spinal pain? We have to go through the list of possibilities of possible diagnoses. Get a MRI to rule out any potential serious issues then proceed to schedule an appointment with your Chiropractor or have the Chiro order and manage your fathers care by having him or her order the MRI. Positive vibes.
Thank you for your question. Usually, people who start with chiropractic care are more likely to avoid surgery. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor in your area who will be able to take a proper history, exam, and X-rays and let your father know if he is a chiropractic candidate.
I think that it is great that your father is looking for more conservative methods of treatment. In our chiropractic office, I see patients of all ages with severe back pain that we help. He would first need a chiropractic examination to determine if his issue is something that a manual adjustment would be necessary. Chiropractic care is a great way to treat many conditions in the lower back and would be a smart move for him to see if this would work before trying treatments with a higher risk.
Generally that age group does very well with manual treatment. Before anything, proper diagnostics like an x-ray should be done first before any manual manipulation is done.
Yes, chiropractic manipulations will help alleviate the negative pressure in the spine and allow for proper range of motion. He definitely will want to have an MRI done so he can know the full diagnosis.
Spinal manipulation has a long and detailed body of research showing improvements in patients with low back pain. Each case is different, so I suggest talking to your chiropractor/doctor and seeing if he is eligible for care.
Yes chiropractic adjustments can help. The majority of low back pain cases can have disc involvement as an underlying cause of the pain. Getting adjusted helps to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve function (ex. Strength). Adjustments have been proven to be more effective then meds (which can get addictive and less effective over time)

Please get your father adjusted or, if in the Scottsdale, Arizona area call our office at 480-994-4411.
If you’re not in our area, call anyway, I can find a good doctor for you in your community.

Dr Dan Secrest, DC
Yes it can. We treat patients for this same problem of all ages everyday. He will need an exam and stays to find out what is going on and this can be done in the office. Stem cell therapy is another option if the condition is to severe for chiropractic adjustments. We are seeing great results here in the office with that procedure as well.

I am sorry to hear about your father. You don't give enough information to be able to make an informed response to your question. The cause of his pain, location and whether he has any pain or other symptoms into his lower extremities all need to be better understood before one could begin to give an opinion. Over the years I have treated many patients in severe pain with good results. The type of treatment must be tailored to the patients tolerance and the specific nature of the complaint. Has he had a diagnostic workup by any physician yet? He is right in wanting to avoid invasive treatment like surgery whenever possible, and starting with a chiropractor is a good idea. The chiropractor can evaluate the underlying cause of hes pain and determine if manual spinal adjustment is the best approach, and if not will be able to direct him to the appropriate specialist for further evaluation and care. Always start with the least invasive approach and keep surgery as the last resort. There are a number of things that the chiropractor can do prior to adjustment that might make the actual adjustment more comfortable for him as well. Good luck and I hope he gets well soon.

J.L. Harris DC,FACO
It is absolutely possible Chiropractic will be able to help your father. Lower back pain is something we deal with on a daily basis. That being said, it really depends on the cause of the pain and what is the underlying cause. Feel free to contact my office for more info which might help your situation.

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Dr. Neil Berman
It all depends on what the cause of the back pain is. I don't like to do just manipulation on the spine. I focus on muscle work such as myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Let me know if he would like to come in.
Severe back pain has many causes, so it really depends on the cause of his back pain. A trained chiropractor should do a thorough exam and advise your dad if chiropractic adjustments may help him. Many patients come in with severe pain and get relief from chiropractic care so, yes, assuming his cause is musculoskeletal in nature, chiropractic should help.

Vicki Gazdacka, DC
Any good chiropractor worth his or her salt, should be able to handle an acute back pain patient....pending the results of an examination. Arthritis, bone spurs, and stiffness can really lock someone up, so some physiotherapy may be necessary before even considering manipulation.
Before offering an opinion several bits if information is needed. Has he had any traumatic injuries? Does he have any history of cancer; especially prostate. Does have any pain, numbness, weakness or tingling down his legs? Has he had an MRI or x-rays? Findings?
Now to answer your question once all this information is known the following non-surgical treatment can help.
Chiropractic, acupuncture, traction, deep tissue massage, electrical stim
Unfortunately there is not enough information provided to decide if manual adjustment of the spine would benefit your fathers condition. Try and seek a consultation with a chiropractor who can make that decision upon reviewing a complete history and performing a physical examination.
It depends on what exactly is the issue. A complete exam with x rays to rule out anything extraordinary would be warranted. Once completed, spinal adjustments can certainly help. At there very least provide some needed relief.
There are literally hundreds if types of low back pain causes, thousands if you consider the number of different muscles and muscle fibers a person can strain (tear, micro- to macroscopically). So your father first needs a diagnosis. We would not perform spinal manipulation on a person where it is contraindicated or just not indicated. So he needs a precise diagnosis first before any treatment decisions could be made. What is his diagnosis? And if he has not seen a physician or chiropractic physician yet, he needs to right away. You have not provided nearly enough information to be able to make a decision. That said, if his LBP is muscle strain, there is a good chance spinal manipulation COULD help him. Chiropractic physicians like me oractice like doctors of physical therapy. It’s also likely that the right exercises would also help your father. Please get back to me when you find out more!
The short answer to your question is yes. Your father should see a chiropractor for consultation and examination, most likely including X-rays for more in-depth evaluation of his condition. Chiropractor manipulation is very safe and extremely effective for the relief of low back pain.
Back pain is a very vague term for a lot of different back ailments... so depending on what type of back pain it is, there is a very huge likelihood that chiropractic can help your dad.
Chiropractic can be an option for him, but there's no way of truly knowing until we do an exam. I would get him in to a chiropractor. Chiropractic has been proven to reduce back surgeries by 32%.
He would need an exam including a history of his complaint and X-rays to determine if chiropractic is the best choice. If fracture or tumor is not the cause, a combination of chiropractic and exercise has been proven to be the most effective, quickest, least expensive treatment method and it enjoys a reputation of having the highest patient satisfaction.
A proper exam and history will put your father at ease followed by diagnostics, only then would I recommend treatment.
Yes absolutely. Chiropractic has been shown to be the most efficient at helping people with lower back pain. I would encourage you to have your dad evaluated by a doctor if chiropractic but to make sure they do a proper evaluation which includes a history exam and X-rays of the lumbar spine. If this is completed the chiropractor will be able to give your father proper recommendations on whether or not he would benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Until then I would encourage you to have him use ice on his lower back to help with inflammation.
Manual manipulation has been effective at treating symptoms like your father’s. A thorough othropedic examination is required to determine if it’s the best option for his condition. If he is willing, call and schedule an appointment and we will see if he qualifies for chiropractic care. 605-217-2100
Absolutely, this is how Chiropractic became so popular and why DPTs are now doing it in their office. I'd take him into a doctor to be examined to see if it is right for him, in some cases (like over-flexibility, bone weakening disorders or blood pressure issues) the doctor will choose spinal mobilizations or a hand held adjustment instrument as compared to manual adjustments by hand.
Yes, chiropractic manual therapy can help. My suggestion is that you find a reputable chiropractor, get an x-ray of his low back, maybe an MRI depending on what is on the x-ray and discuss treatment options and start from there.