Geriatric Psychiatrist Questions Geriatric Depression

My mother hasn't spoken to us since she's been in assisted living. Could this be depression?

We placed my mom in assisted living once we realized that we didn't have the resources to take care of. She's not responsive to us at all now, and me and my brothers have been visiting her everyday. Could this be depression? What should we do for her?

2 Answers

Hi, it would not be unusual to see a combination of anger and depression in such a situation. Most facilities do have access to counseling services. Perhaps she would be open to such. Her medical team could certainly pursue a general medical workup to evaluate possibility of depression, and consider appropriate medication intervention, if indicated.
How long she has been there? Is she making a slow adjustment to the new environment? Is she looking at this as ‘abandonment’? Does she remain withdrawn in the assisted living facility?
What is her cognitive status (any dementia suspected?) How’s her health in general? What activities of self care she can not manage on her own?
Yes, a whole number of questions, right?
Yes, it could be Depression, after she’s evaluated for all the above.
I know it’s hard. Personally, I’ve gone thru this.