Urologist (Pediatric) Questions Pain with urination

My daughter is complaining of some pain when she passes urine. What could be wrong?

My daughter is 4 years old and she has been complaining of pain when passing urine. What could be wrong with her?

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She may have a UTI. Thus should have a urinalysis.
There are several likely reasons in this age group that are usually potty training related. Toddler/Young female children like to try and do all their own hygiene in the vaginal area. Therefore it is important for you to make sure the area around the urethra is dry after urination. Many times a small amount of urine gets trapped behind the clitoral hood and keeps the area wet and moist.
This can become red and irritated and cause pain when they urinate. The tell-tale sign is a moist/wet underwear. The treatment is to pat dry and "dab" the area after urinating. If your daughter has had fevers or previous urinary tract infections then getting a urine culture may also be needed.
It could be an infection, but also yeast irritation, etc., can be the problem. She needs a check-up and urinalysis done.
Urinary discomfort is often a sign of a urinary tract infection. You should take your child to the doctor so he can examine the urine and decide an appropriate treatment
Your daughter could certainly have an infection of the lower urinary tract, such as cystitis. But much more likely this could be a symptom of irritation by her hands in the genitalia, by chemicals in the swimming pool, by soap, shampoo and bubble bath soap in the tub. See your pediatrician who will examine her and perform a urinalysis to rule out infection, and determine the most likely cause if the reason for the symptom is vulvitis or vulvovaginitis. Meanwhile, her bath should be in the shower, avoid soap in her genitalia, using instead a liquid cleansing lotion in that area.

Elias Milgram, MD
She may have a urinary tract infection or she may just be irritated "down there." You need to get her urine tested. If it is okay, then try some dilute vinegar sitz baths. But get her urine checked for infection.

Painful urination, increased frequency urination, urgency of urination, with or without lower abdominal pain, with or without fever usually need to be investigated to rule out urinary tract infection. Please see your doctor asap to evaluate.

This little girl has to have her urine checked. She has either a bladder infection or a mild case of vaginitis