Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions foot pain

I am not able to flex my foot. Why?

I am unable to flex my foot and every time I try doing so it hurts. Why could this be happening?

6 Answers

If this is a new problem, you may have tendinitis, edema in your foot, tarsal tunnel, or other problems. You need to see if a podiatrist and orthopod or your primary care physician to determine the cause.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff 
Wow, you need a foot manipulation and fixed with tape because your feet are totally dis-aligned, it's like rotating the tires in your car. But sadly, I am the only podiatrist that does that treatment. But for sure, you need to go to a specialist and seek help!
You could be suffering from inflammation of a tendon or arthritis or bone pathology.
The ability for a body part to move requires multiple organ systems to include bone, muscle tendon and nerve. The inability to flex the foot suggests some type of disruption in this process. This may result from muscle tendon pathology, neurologic failure to promote a muscle contraction or a combination thereof. Given the limited information provided by the question I would suggest that more than likely there is no neurologic component to this as you apparently also suggest pain but this is not guaranteed. More than likely failure is occurring through the musculoskeletal system and may result from overuse processes to produce tendinitis which can weaken function and produce pain when recruited. Depending chronicity of the disorder treatment and prognosis varies. In acute cases appropriate rest, ice and anti-inflammatory may be all that is required. In chronic cases, mitigating the factors that have caused the overuse process is required to include activity modification, addressing any biomechanical issues and physical medicine rehabilitation. Given that this is a recurring consistent problem I would recommend evaluation by a medical specialist who can more appropriately evaluate her presentation and obtain require test such as x-rays that may help define this process.
The pain that you are experiencing with flexing of your foot may be associated with tendinitis or other soft tissue inflammation. Stiffness can also be a sign of other issues and that is the body's guarding mechanism to prevent further injury. Recommend have the foot evaluated by a podiatrist with possible X-ray.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM
Hello, having a painful foot while flexed or plantar flexion can be a number of things. More commonly a condition called PTTD aka posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or posterior tibial tendonitis is the culprit. This tendon is the main plantarflexor and inverter of the foot. It is normally caused by pes planus (flat foot) and over pronation secondary to a tight heel cord and flat foot. If you can not flex your foot at all your condition could be neuromuscular in etiology. You should seek medical advice if your pain continues. I wish you the best. Feel free to contact the office if you would like an appointment. God bless.