Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Hip Replacement Surgery

For how long should I have pain after my hip replacement?

I had hip replacement surgery about a month ago. However, I am still having a lot of pain post the surgery. How long should this pain last?

9 Answers

Hips are generally easier than knees, but pain can persist for a couple of months. If the pain is accompanied by fevers or anything unusual, get it checked out.
This is not normal to have a lot of pain. Soreness is normal. Mild weakness and easy to fatigue is normal, but severe pain warrants investigation.
2-4 months would not be unusual. Beyond that get a second opinion.
Six months to a year. Many patients will have pain for less time than that, but six months is not unusual.
Difficult to give a precise time of duration, but in my experience, you should feel a lot better after one week's time, give or take.
After hip replacement, you should feel about the same as you felt before surgery 6 weeks after surgery, but then it should continue to get better. It takes about 6 months to be 85% recovered and a year to fully recover. Your best results are when you do the rehab exercises and walk.
A lot of pain 1 month after hip replacement is not usual. Please call your surgeon and be seen soon
3-5 weeks
Severe pain one month after hip replacement is not expected