Councelor/Therapist Questions Depression

I am into social service but feeling very depressed. I don't want it to affect my job. What should I do?

I am 28 years old and have been working with cancer patients. I think it's making me depressed, but I don't want that to leech into my job. What can I do to prevent anything from happening?

3 Answers

It sounds like you are possibly suffering from 2ndary PTSD or or social service burnout. In eaither case most of the time it is helpful to join a therapy support group for burnout and see a counselor that can help you with the depresssion. Ask your family doctor for a prescription for mild depression until you get to the other side. You are obviously a caring person, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who has been there. Other things you cand do are: get the type of physical help you need to continue your good work. Get plenty of rest 10 hours a night regular exercise and follow a balence diet. Join a support group and get into a group that also enjoys what you enjoy, i.e sewing guild, running partener, card club, community soft ball league, or a bowling league. Remember all work and no play makes Jo and dull and tired!
If your agency has an EAP--Employee Assistance program to inquire about that. You can also seek outpatient therapy to help cope with depressive symptoms.
It could be worthwhile for you to identify a therapist/counselor who can help you identify the root of your feelings and emotions. Providing care to others can be emotionally taxing so it's important that you identify self-care options for yourself.