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How can I prevent my back from getting strained at work?

I have a laborious job that requires me to lift a lot of weight. What can I do to prevent my back from getting strained?

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I would consider back strengthening exercises. I like foundation training by Dr. Eric Goodman. Check him out in YouTube or his website. I would consider regular chiropractic adjustments. I would also consider wearing a low back support belt during work only.
Maintain flexibility in your hamstrings and strengthen your core muscles and get regular spinal manipulation.
Always use good posture and your legs when lifting, and never let your low back round forward. A lumbar lifting belt will also help keep good posture. A strong core is essential in preventing back strain.
There are a lot of things that you can do to prevent any strain in your job. Depending what type of job it is, if it’s sedentary or a desk job, you would have to make sure you have an ergonomic chair with a mobile back support. Always remember to keep good posture and stay close to the computer, and if your job is of a physical nature like construction worker, you may need a limbo sacral brace for support, chiropractic visit on a wellness type of care in order that he may give you specific low back exercises to do after work to strengthen the muscles and prevent any strain while working, and also I want to stress proper lifting, usually close to your waist, best position to sleep is the fetal position and prevent heavy lifting in awkward positions.
Perhaps like in Home Depot, wear a low back belt with suspenders to keep good posture. Approach the objects you lift, bend knees, and look up while lifting to put you into proper upright posture as you stand. Do NOT bend and twist while picking up objects. That is not good. And don't be afraid to ask for help on heavy objects.

Hope I helped, got your back!

Dr. Todd Gewant
I would seek the advice of a local chiropractor to start a regimen of care focused on reducing current pain as well as evaluating your ability to perform strength exercises to prevent future pain or misalignment.
I wish you luck in your journey to wellness.
Stay fit, stretch often and vary your motions
I would say wear a lumbar support brace at work to prevent injuries. Also, exercise your upper body to keep your muscle strong. Don't forget to stretch daily for healthy muscles.
Three things. One is a lift brace which is specifically made for use on the job. You can find them online, Lowes or Home Depot. If not used correctly it will have an adverse affect and make your back weaker in the long run. It has suspenders and 2 closures. The first is like a cumber bun on a tux. Only secure it like a belt, not tight. The second involves 2 elastic bands, one on each side. When you get ready to lift pull those 2 tight and secure them in the front. Once you finish lifting loosen them. If you do not follow this procedure to use it correctly your back muscles will become weaker and dependent on the brace. Second, use your legs and not your back. If you have ever watched professional weight lifters they square their legs up under them before they lift. Third, do not bend your back when setting the weight down, use your legs and squat. This will be difficult at first until your legs become stronger. Also, because you have not been using your legs there will be some cramping for a couple of weeks, especially at night. Get some pediolyte popsicles and eat one twice a day to replace electrolytes in your body. Dill pickles, bananas and oranges are also helpful for a snack during your break at work.