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What could be the reason behind my severe throat irritation?

I am dealing with severe throat infection and the tonsil area seems to be red. It's not an infection according to my doctor but this feeling has been persisting for the past week. What could be the reason for this irritation?

5 Answers

Some possibilities include:

-infection - bacterial, viral
-trapped debris around the tonsil = "tonsil stones"
-trauma = you'd probably remember this though
-neoplasm = tumor/growth, less likely given what you've described

There can be many reasons. They may include acid reflux, allergies affecting the throat, viral infection, etc. If treatment of some of these conditions does not improve the situation with persistent, unexplained throat pain with or without ear pain, may be considerate of an occult, latent HPV infection.

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Many causes: sinusitis, pharyngitis, or acid reflux.
Could be acid reflux. Try prilosec at 20mg twice a day for 7-10 days. This is assuming you not smoke or drink alcohol. If not better, see ENT MD
It could be a viral infection rather than bacteria. Acid reflux is also a possibility, generally speaking