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How are shin splints treated in children?

Are shin splints typically treated in children the same way they're treated in adults?

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Shin Splints are treated with rest, decrease in activity, and anti-inflammatory medications.
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yes. rest and painkillers and a gradual return to exercise
Heat, massage and rest. Then stretching......
Treatment is similar. Stretching and activity modification are important parameters for treatment. If pain does not resolve with these treatments then I would advise obtaining x-rays and MRI study.
Shin splints in children are usually the result of an imbalance in the foot, i.e. a flat or pronated foot. Your child shuld be seen by a qualified foot specialist.
Yes. Shin splints are due to too much running too quickly. Rest is the cure. Resume activities slowly as long as there is no pain.

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Yes, they are treated the same way as for adults. That is, rest. There should be no running, jumping, squatting or hopping for 2-4 weeks. It is okay to begin these activities again once there is no pain upon single-leg hop 15-20 times in a row. If there is pain, then the inflammation is still present, and you run the risk of developing a chronic condition (essentially a relative weakness in the area that is prone to early failure and the return of pain and lack of function. Also, if there is a chronic condition, other areas compensate and may make you imbalanced and prone to injury to some other area of your body.
Shinsplints or treated similarly to adults. Hip knee and foot alignment is evaluated carefully. A thorough physical exam is important. Stretching icing and anti-inflammatories are helpful. Prolonged pain could indicate the presence of a stress fracture.