Chiropractor Questions Leg stiffness

Should a chiropractor help me with my leg stiffness?

My calves and legs feel stiff and I think this is because I run so frequently. I want to find ways to prevent this, especially since I have a triathlon coming up. Should I go to a chiropractor?

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Yes. Find a chiropractor that frequently treats sports injuries, not just one that says they do, and you should be in good hands.
Preferably a chiropractor with athletic and sports training would be a good choice. Ask friends about a good chiropractor they have had good experience with.
Your legs may be stiff because you run. You may be dehydrated as well. Chiropractic adjustment benefits you in so many ways. I am a triathlete myself and get adjusted regularly during training.
Every athlete who performs at a high level like triathletes should be at a chiropractor. In particular, choose a sports certified chiro near you as we are trained in biomechanics of sport motion and how to treat them. The stiffness you are feeling can be resolved with chiropractic and soft tissue care. Both can be done by a trained chiro.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

Yes, it would help. Chiropractors are experts when working with the biomechanics of the skeletal system. Unequal leg length and pelvic distortion can alter normal weight bearing on the feet and lower extremities therefore affecting gait and arches. Custom-made athletic orthotics by would also be beneficial. They take some getting used to in the beginning, but in the long run, they enhance performance. Another thing that could be considered helpful is one pediolyte pop in the morning and afternoon to replenish electrolytes.
Good luck in the competition.
Yes! In my chiropractic office, after a good history and physical exam, we would examine your foot and lower leg mechanics. After that, a digital foot scan would reveal whether you have low arches which could be contributing to your condition and if prescription arch supports would be helpful.
After a thorough history and diagnosis is established, getting that leg worked on by a chiropractor will definitely help. Especially as an athlete, getting your body tuned up (just like an oil change on your car) can improve your performance and reduce chance of injury.

Dr. Danny

It would be a good start. Functional medicine and nutritional testing may also be beneficial.


Dr. Duchon
Yes, you should see your chiropractor to help with your condition.

Dr. Majed Nagoulat, D.C.
A chiropractor would be a great choice. They will re-balance the spine and nervous system, which will benefit you greatly. Also, look into a qualified massage therapist or someone who does Active Release Technique.

Most chiropractors deal with extremities so you would benefit from chiropractic care for your leg stiffness. Also keeping the spine and pelvis aligned will help with your running endurance and performance. Also, you could get exercise recommendations for the leg stiffness and possibly dietary advice as well.
So, definitely see your chiropractor to assist in your health regimen.
There are some chiropractors who specialize in running athletes which would be my top recommendation. I also think you would benefit from deep tissue massage, and even finding a running coach to work on a more efficient stride technique.