Orthopedist Questions Scoliosis

I can notice a slight curve on my back. Is it scoliosis?

I have been noticing that my back has gotten a slight curve. Could it be the onset of scoliosis?

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It very well may be an onset of scoliosis. Some scoliosis is noticeable with palpation. You can flex your spine forward (bending over to reach your toes) and sometimes you can see the curvature of your spinous processes (the parts of your vertebral body that stick out on your dorsal spine). The best thing to do is see a spine doctor, like me, to evaluate your spine and degree of your curve if it is scoliosis. Most of the time, it's not problematic, but good to know your long-term outcomes if that is your diagnosis.

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Kendall Carll, MD
Slight curves of the spine can be normal. The diagnosis of scoliosis requires radiographic evidence of a curve greater than 20 degrees. Anything less than that is considered a compensatory curve and is completely normal and does not require treatment.
Each curve isn’t scoliosis. It is an S-type curve. Yours may be a normal one.
Need orthopedic exam and x ray.
Probably not. However, if one shoulder is higher than the other or one hip is higher than the other then it needs to be looked at. If the curve gets worse over time, then get an Orthopaedic Doc to x-ray it.
Scoliosis usually develops in younger age groups but can also develop and worsen in older individuals particularly if they have degenerative diseases. The best way to answer your question is an examination and x-rays. Consult a musculoskeletal specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon, physical medicine physician or chiropractor.
Curvatures of the spine are quite common and can be subtle. People can develop curvatures as they age. Scoliosis is generally a condition diagnosed at a young age. The condition may develop with an increase in height during a growth spurt. The condition is not dangerous in the majority of people . Scoliosis can also go undiagnosed in some cases. I would encourage you to visit your family physician and receive and a valuation.
Scoliosis is a common type of deformity. If your trunk is tilting to one side or the other, it is most likely that you have scoliosis. X-Rays of your back will confirm the diagnosis.
Possibly. Scoliosis is actually a twisting of your back bones so if you bend forward, one side of your ribs will be higher than the other, by like an inch or more. Also, scoliosis happened when one is growing. Arthritis and osteoporosis cause some curving when you are old and older. Your family doc should be able to check, and I bet YouTube has a vid on how to check it out.

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See a physician for diagnosis and treatment.