Internist Questions Heel pain

What is the solution for a calcaneal spur?

I have heel pain, and an ache in the calf nerve. An x-ray was done, which showed a calcaneal spur. How will this be solved?

Female | 44 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Conditions: Getting worse than before

3 Answers

Usually, physical therapy focusing on calf muscle stretching and foot intrinsic muscle strengthening.
The spur means nothing. People without heel pain can have heel spurs and people with heel pain don't necessarily have a spur. Most heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis. It is cured with diligent stretching, sometimes a night -time splint or injections. Surgery is rarely indicated.
These spurs occur due to abnormal pressure, usually from a shoe. More common in females due to the shoes we wear. Do not have it removed surgically as, usually, unless you get the proper diagnosis and/or change your foot wear, it will recur. I recommend you protect your heel with a fleecy web protection. Podiatrists do this. Or a heel cut out so that the back of the shoe is not pressing directly on your heel. It is quite easily solved. Do not have it removed surgically. I stress this again.