Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) Questions Spinal Cord Injuries

My husband fell off his bike and suffered a spinal injury. What will recovery be like?

My husband fell off his bike and suffered a spinal cord injury. He will be okay but just needs a lot of rest according to his doctors. Is there something that can be done to boost the recovery process in a healthier way?

5 Answers

First and foremost, it's important for your husband to follow his doctors' advice and prioritize rest as it plays a crucial role in healing. In addition to rest, a balanced and nutritious diet can support the recovery process by providing essential nutrients. Encouraging regular physical therapy sessions tailored to his condition can also aid in improving mobility and overall recovery. Lastly, maintaining a positive mindset and seeking emotional support can contribute to his overall well-being during the healing process.

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If he was told he had a spinal cord injury, that is, injury to his nerves of the spine, he needs to see a physiatrist, who can partner with physical therapists and even surgeons, to make sure he gets the right care, and, surgery if his nerves are at risk
If he is not in any pain that prevents his mobility, I would go to a physiotherapist for rehab and see a holistic practitioner for natural supplements to help heal the Injury. I do not like chemicals, so always think more natural.
I don't know how bad his spinal cord injury is. So far, we don't have any alternative method to help spinal cord regeneration. Most physical therapy treatments in the USA are focusing on helping patients doing self care and to transfer independently.
Need more information on the injury. Did he lose neurological function, e.g., leg weakness or impaired coordination? Regardless, physical therapy should benefit him now and develop a post PT program for strength and endurance. Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory agents should be helpful as well.