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I have swelling on my lower back that has come up all of a sudden. Should I be worried?

There's some swelling on my lower back that hurts when I am in a certain posture for a long time. Should it be a cause of concern? Could chiropractic exercises help me out?

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First I'm assuming this is not from an acute injury or trauma that just occurred. You did not mention an incident. Being in a long time posture either through work positioning like sitting or maybe a yoga position you might of been in for awhile. Swelling will occur when their is inflammation in the area due to a trauma or irritation. First would be to find out what is causing the swelling and resolve the problem. Possible rest and icing to reduce and control the swelling. Check with your Chiropractor or health care provider and try to identify the cause. With my patients, I let them know once with know what caused it or is causing it, we can start. You have to be aware and have that awareness before you will change anything. Otherwise you just keep doing the same thing! As for exercises, the right ones can be beneficial. Your health care provider can recommend the ones that could benefit you for your condition or posture recommendations for your work environment.
It can be concerning. Since we don't know your complete health history, I'd recommend seeing a chiropractor for an evaluation.
Sudden onset of swelling should always be addressed. As you state being in a certain posture for a long time causes increased pain, this means that the physical stress on your spine in that position is irritating and causing swelling. Chiropractic treatment can help, but until you're examined it is unclear if the swelling is due to a sprain/strain, disc pathology, arthritic changes, etc. And exercises to be prescribed need to be done that are condition specific in your case to ensure the irritated tissue does not continue to be irritated.
Please see a doctor immediately. A radiograph or MRI are needed.
Yes it is a concern and Chiropractic and exercise can help you. Any questions, feel free to call me at (631)462-0917
To answer the first part of your question, yes, you should be concerned about your lower back information. To further expand your thoughts and relieve your concerns, you should contact your medical doctor or your chiropractor to further assist you :) We are located in Riverside, California, if you need any further help, feel free to call us at 951-888-1538.
Find a good Chiropractor, does not sound normal, most likely bad posture with spinal subluxations.
This will all depend on what the chiropractor finds during examination. You may be referred to another place for special imaging or to get a sample tested to determine what is causing the swelling. If the chiropractor determines that it is just inflammation and no other tests are need myofascial release will help to push out the swelling and allow new blood flow to enter the area. Tapping can also be performed to allow better circulation in the area.
This is something I deal with every day. There are many reasons for potential swelling in the low back. Chiropractic exams help to find the cause of the swelling and Chiropractic treatment helps to eliminate the cause.
Yes exercises can help----also see a chiropractor
Definitely get checked out by a professional!
You need to have a Chiropractor diagnose the cause of the symptoms you are suffering from. Then they can correct the cause and teach you appropriate exercises for your condition. Not just some generic low back exercises. Hope I helped. Got your back! Dr Todd Gewant
As chiropractors, one of the things we treat all the time is mechanical low back pain; however, it depends on what is causing your low back pain. You do need an exam and a diagnosis in order to determine who to go to.
Any type of problem that has appeared with no clear cause should always be addressed. From my perspective, a chiropractor would be able to perform a physical and determine the exact cause of the problem. Along with a physical exam, x-rays can be taken to examine the alignment of the spine and the integrity of the discs and disc spaces. I am not sure what you mean by chiropractic exercises, but a chiropractor can perform adjustment at the misaligned segments or bones to help restore mobility, alignment, and decrease the irritation that is being placed on the nerves due to the misalignment bones.
It should be a cause to see a chiropractor. Getting adjusted will help your body heal and decrease the amount and possibly the frequency of the swelling. Getting adjusted regularly helps the body heal from any injuries or daily stress, and to better prevent future pain and injury.
Schedule time with your primary care provider for further testings. Then start chiropractic care for optimum health. We are located in Grand Rapids, MI.
Hello! If you have swelling in your lower back that comes and goes, I advise you to seek medical attention from your PCP or the ER to ensure there are no other pressing issues. Once they have cleared you, then yes do seek out a Chiropractor to assist with this issue. Again, once you are cleared, a Chiropractor can assess your condition and then make a clear judgment on what would be best for you. God Bless!
It will be difficult to answer this question without an exam, but I would see either a chiropractor or MD as soon as possible as this can be a sign of a more serious condition. If it is red and hot to the touch, seek medical attention as soon as possible.
I would doubt you would need to be worried about it. Simply get checked out by your medical doctor or a competent chiropractor, but generally swelling is a response to injury of some sort.
Worried? No. Concerned? Yes. Swelling can occur in areas of the body in reaction to things like trauma, stress or infection. If it hurts during prolonged postures and doesn't resolve itself it would benefit you to consult a chiropractor. Swelling is one of the signs of a Subluxation; a misalignment of a vertebra which can irritate spinal nerves causing spasm, swelling and pain. This can be treated with proper analysis and specific chiropractic adjustments.
I recommend getting an examination, because sudden swelling could be infection and that must be ruled out first before proceeding with an exercise routine. If the swelling is due to acute strain/sprain, then chiropractic is a good option to start managing your injury.
I would exam the area first to see if there is a reason for the swelling, potentially caused from a Vertebral Subluxation.
What were you doing when the pain started? Sitting, moving, exercising? Have you had this pain before? Do you have pain in your abdomen also anywhere?
First of all, if there is swelling, use ice for 20 min. each hour and contact an advanced rated Ativator Doctor in your area. Go to Find a doctor.
You would need an examination to determine the cause.