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Trying to get pregnant for about 1 year but still no luck.

My partner and I have been trying to conceive but have had no luck. I have not been to a doctor but my family has no record of not being able to conceive as most of them had children at a very young age. My partner has no record of not being able to conceive either so we are not sure what could be the problem. I have a mostly regular period as the days go from between 31-35 days. My partners sister said I should take a prenatal but I am also unsure of which one is the best. I have a healthy diet and I regularly exercise as well. I would just like any advice on what I could do.

Female | 19 years old
Complaint duration: 1 year

3 Answers

Definitely begin a prenatal vitamin, but that is not preventing pregnancy. After a year of trying at the time of ovulation each month, it's best to go see a doctor.
You should consider going to a fertility specialist to have your partner’s sperm analyzed with regards to speed count and mobility.

Jonathan Powell , MD
The same doctor who does your Pap smears to check for cancer can begin an infertility evaluation. You might also check with a family lawyer regarding your partner's legal standing with regard to any children you might have.