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upper back sensation

I don’t know how to describe the sensation but it only happens when i lay down, it usually happens when there is someone laying next to me, but sometimes when my shirt is to tight.

Female | 18 years old

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Best treatment for mid back pain is correcting your posture. Check out you will find Medically tested POSTURE Braces, Kits and Athleisurewear. I personally love the shirt cuz it aligns my shoulders & mid back instantly but best part is I can dial it to my need of posture correction. When I work out I adjust to 40-50% retraction and correction and when I am treating patients or running daily errands I drop it to 20-30% max retraction. You see when your body is in optimal alignment its waking up dormant muscles that may lead to soarness, on that note 20-25% correction over time works as well as 40% correction in 30 min workout. Hope this was helpful :D Find me @DrRominaG
Not enough info
I would have a chiropractor check you out . When the spine is irritated sensations can be heightened. They will be able to help.
You are probably getting hypersensitive .. and your nerves could just be inflamed . Put ice . Take cold shower and wear less tight clothing .. and put menthol lotions to calm the skin and drink lots of water .. and go get adjusted.
Have you been evaluated by a Physician?
I need a lot more information on this sensation. Such as whether is it dull, achy, sharp, stabbing, numb, or tingly and where exactly you’re feeling it. It could a number of things but try stretching out your back first and get some movement in it just to make sure your muscles aren’t locking up when you’re laying down. Be aware of your posture as well while laying down.
Not sure. You should go see a chiropractor
Are you having any back pain?