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What are the symptoms of a manic depression?

I think my elderly father has manic depression. I want to know what are the symptoms of a manic depressive personality?

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I will give a very broad, general answer. Classic bipolar I disorder is a disorder of extremes of mood. One extreme is very serious depression in which the individual can become suicidal and will pose a danger to themselves. The other extreme is called mania. When manic a person can be very irritable, happy, grandiose about their abilities, they may overspend or engage in other high risk behavior that is not characteristic for them. This behavior can lead to some very serious consequences for the individual as well. If you suspect that your father has this illness, he should be evaluated by a mental health professional and receive appropriate treatment.
Manic Depressive was changed to Bipolar many years ago. DSM-5 does not list a manic depressive personality disorder. In this area you have Bipolar I and II as well as Cyclothymic Disorder. The symptoms of highs and lows is minor in the latter, but extreme in I, but in the middle with II. Depression is more frequent than highs, but antidepressants can trigger a high so a blocker is needed. Jack L. Underwood, M.D.
Manic depressive disorder, more commonly Bipolar Disorder, is fairly uncommon in the elderly. Depending on the type of Bipolar disorder, symptoms may range from significant depression to almost mania. Patients displaying this kind of behavior need to be evaluated for underlying dementia or possible stroke.