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ā€œWhat can I do about my back pain?ā€

I am a 42-year-old male with chronic back pain. Should I see a doctor?

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If it were me, Iā€™d consult with my chiropractor right away. I prefer the least invasive route as my first choice when dealing with pain like that.
Stretching and Core strengthening combined with manual therapy techniques are great for keeping the back healthy long term. For acute low back pain. It is best to start with the least invasive therapies with best outcomes, Chiropractic 1st surgery last!
Manipulate....Therapy....Cold Laser
Pain is the symptom and the result of mal function. The cause must be addressed or the effect will never correct. A Chiropractor detects and corrects such issues. Hope I helped. Got your back! Dr Todd Gewant
Pain is a symptom. It is telling you something is not right. Here are your choices:

1. Continue to do what you are doing, which apparently hasn't helped and may actually be making the problem worse.
2. Take OTC pain medication, even natural sources (CBD, Tumeric, HP remedies, etc.) which will not correct the underlying cause. Drugs also come with side effects which can cause even more symptoms.
3. See a primary care physician (MD, DO, DC) to determine the cause and recommended treatment.

Research has shown that chiropractic treatment gives better outcomes for most back pain and does not include drugs or surgery, so it would, in my opinion, be the best alternative to seek help initially.

Dr. Juanee Surprise, DC. NMD, IMD, DCBCN, CTTN
A Chiropractor first
Try Chiropractic, it should be the first option for treating back pain.