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What can I take to calm my nerves?

I am a 40 year old male and I am very nervous lately. What can I take to calm my nerves?

6 Answers

The important question that you and your therapist will need to address is why are you feeling nervous lately? Medication may reduce or nearly eliminate the anxiety but in addition there are underlying conflicts , this will have to be address in psychotherapy . AS part of your evaluation , you should also have a physical check up with routine blood tests.For example, certain types of thyroid problems can present as unexplained anxiety
It is not good to calm down with medications, find out what helps you to relax in a natural healthy way.
It is not advisable to make medication recommendations to someone that I have not examined. You should seek a medical professional if you believe that your anxiety requires medication.
Very often, we use anticholinergic medications similar to Benadryl, which is over the counter, 25-50mg.
Your best choice would be to develop a daily program of vigorous exercise.
The best course of action is to have a medical/psychiatric evaluation to understand the source of your nervousness.