Orthopaedic Surgeon Questions Bone Fractures

What can I do for my son after his surgery for his fractured arm?

My son's fractured arm is not healing properly because of how severe his injury, so now the doctor wants us to go through surgery. After he has the surgery, what should we do at home to make his recovery faster?

5 Answers

Rest, elevate, ice.
Fractures take several weeks to heal. The best advice is to follow the instructions of the surgeon. There really is no need for extra calcium, for example, but a balanced diet can be beneficial.
Please ask for detailed explicit instructions on when to remove dressings and care for the wound. Astk when it would be advisable to start physical therapy after surgery and when is it likely that his function will return
Follow your doctor's advice closely. Keep the arm elevated to prevent swelling, which is a major reason for pain, stiffness, and delayed healing.
That’s a tough question. There are a lot of variables depending on the complexity of the location of the fracture and of course the time that has passed since the original injury in the first repair. Many options including electric bill and stimulation (EBI Inc.) or available but it must be tailored to the specific political situation. The primary important factor for healing his good contact with live barn and immobilization with rigid fixation.