Social Worker Questions separation anxiety

What can I do for my child's separation anxiety?

My child has really bad anxiety whenever I try to leave for work, and sometimes, even just the room. I was thinking about classes to help with it, but I'm not sure about how effective those would be. What can I do for my child's separation anxiety?

1 Answer

Good morning and thank you for the question. Without knowing the age of your child, some separation anxiety is normal and age appropriate; however, if it escalates to the point where, as you mentioned, it becomes a challenge to leave for work or even the room, then there are some things you can do to reassure your child. If your child is school-aged and going off to school, never linger; and the same goes for when you are leaving for work. Tell them, "Mommy will see you later. Love you and have a good day." When you all reconvene tell them I am so glad you had a good and see Mommy did come back just like I told you. It is important to reassure and keep so-longs to a minimum when leaving.
I hope this helps. Warmest regards.