Chiropractor Questions Spine pain

What is making my spine hurt so badly?

I'm 30 and I have spine pain. I can't lay down straight or on my sides or even on my stomach without feeling some pain. What could be causing it?

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This can be caused by multiple issues and the underlying cause will help determine the best way to treat these issues. I recommend going to a rehabilitation type of doctor for evaluation.
There could be a countless amount of things that could cause your symptoms. I advise to go to the Urgent Care or your doctor as soon as possible.
Spine pain can be caused by many factors and most likely there was some kind of trauma involved. It could be a spinal fracture, a tumor pressing on your spine or simply a pinched nerve or disc protruding on the spinal nerves. I would recommend an X-ray and MRI to determine the cause of your spine pain.

I apologize for the vagueness of my answer, but the causes are too expansive to review them all. With that being said, a few examples could be your sleep position, your pillow, your mattress, your medical health history, and so on and so on. The best advice is to go to a chiropractor. Ask colleagues, family, friends, or Google your area. Ready the reviews and make your best informed decision. You should be comfortable with the path you have chosen. I hope this helps.


Dr. Joel D. Duchon
There is really no way to answer this question without doing a history and exam. X-rays would also help. At this point, it could be several reasons that your spine hurts. Chiropractors are the spinal pain experts and it would be best to find a chiropractor that other people rave about. Based on many scientific studies, we have the best record of helping people with your symptoms.

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Dr. Payne 
If this has been persistent, you may need to further evaluate your condition. While chiropractic care may help, your symptoms may require additional care. If you have a recent infection or running a fever it may be something a little more serious. I would recommend checking with your MD first to rule out any additional issues you may have.
Find a Chiropractor and have them examine and X-Ray the area
This could be caused by a few different structures. My best recommendation is to get an examination from a Chiropractor for an accurate diagnosis.