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What are the effects of giving babies bottled milk?

I'm a 32 year old woman in my second trimester. I know that breast milk natural and is supposed to be better to give to your baby for that reason. But, I don't feel comfortable doing it. Are there any negative effects to giving babies bottled milk?

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Not only do babies who are fed cow's milk formula thrive, but those on a soy milk formula do as well! Don't be bullied into feeling guilty about not wanting to nurse -- do what you are comfortable with. One thing you CAN do to make bottle feeding more like breastfeeding is, when practical, remove your top so the baby feels the warmth of your skin as s/he feeds.
Giving bottled milk to babies is as good as breast milk, but it does affect babies bonding and cognitive development..
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You do not get the immune support from formula that babies get from breast milk. However formula has vitamins calories fats lipids that is the next best to breast milk if you cannot breast feed. When you realize the bonding you get from breast feeding you may want to try it. You can also buy a breast pump and pump your breast and feed it out of a bottle if you do not want to breast feed