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When should you have your first chiropractic adjustment?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know when should you have your first chiropractic adjustment?

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As a child.
The youngest I’ve given a treatment was my two week old nephew. Get adjustments as early and as often as possible, but it’s never too late to receive your first treatment.
Your first adjustment should be within a half hour of birth. I have two children and adjusted them as soon as I could. They had been the healthiest children throughout their school years. They never missed one day of school all the way through college. Don't wait until you have pain to see a chiropractor, be proactive. Pain is the last thing to come and first thing to go. Its never to late to get an adjustment, don't wait until it's to late.
At 28, you are long over due. It is impossible to grow up and not have micro traumas ( or major traumas i.e. falls off bikes, swings, beds, sports, auto accidents etc.) That will knock your spine or other joints out of place that will eventually lead to symptoms down the road.
Most people come in for examination and treatment when they get some symptom such as back or neck pain. However, the best time to get examined is before the symptoms begin. Many of my patients will bring their children in for an exam once the become aware of the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. Only after an exam can a Chiropractor determine if an
adjustment is necessary. Some Chiropractors specialize in pediatrics. It is never too early to be checked for misalignments. The earlier detected, the better.
I hope you find this helpful.

Dr. Eric Miller
As soon as possible, they are beneficial from birth to being a senior citizen.
Best time is right at birth. Second best time, is right now.
You should be checked at birth or shortly thereafter.
If you are interesting in quality of life, more energy, and having a brain tune-up, then go have an evaluation from a chiropractor. Please get a referral from a friend. Or if you do an Internet search, look for reviews, etc. You want a top doc.
It is never too soon or too late to restore proper alignment and movement to your spine. I have infant patients and elderly patients. Even if you don't have a serious issue, Chiropractic is a great service to keep your body from future issues.