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Why am I such a stressed out mother?

I am a 32 year old woman and I have a 2 year old baby. Unfortunately I am feeling extremely stressed and am unable to deal with my child in a happy way. What is the reason for this behaviour? I feel guilty about losing my patience and temper with her and want to enjoy my motherhood but am unable to do so. Who can help me manage my condition?

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Find a group of young mothers to share your feelings. Most of the angst are the constant demands of the child, decreased sleep, and exacerbated if spouse won’t/can’t assist. Churches/synagogues can assist, or you can ask your doc to recommend a psychologist who could start family counseling. This isn’t just your problem
Do you have any family near by? You need to find help in coping. Motherhood is overwhelmingly exhausting for many new mums. It's not good to be how you are with a toddler. Can you talk to your family dr.? Do you have a new mums group in the area? If you can't find any help, write again, I will try and get you help in your area.
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Yes. We can help you! It is common for new moms to feel the way you felt! Please call us at 3128081200 or 8153987246 to schedule an appointment.

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