Chiropractor Questions Asthma

Why are chiropractors recommended for asthma?

I've had breathing problems all throughout my life and while I use an inhaler to help me, I think I want to try alternative options as well. My doctor suggested for me to go to a chiropractor. How would a chiropractor help me with asthma?

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Research has shown that chiropractic helps with asthma
Chiropractors will look to the nerve power to your lungs and other areas of your spine that might be blocking lung function. I often look to the adrenal glands as they produce the steroids your body needs to open up your lungs. I’ve also seen asthma improve when identifying and avoiding food sensitivities.
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In-as-much as chiropractors adjust/ realign misaligned joints in the spine. And the spine houses the spinal cord, through which the brain sends signals controlling the function of every part of your body, including your lungs! Therefore, a mis-alignment causing a miscommunication between the brain and your lungs could be the cause of your breathing problems!
Spinal nerves are connected to every organ so aligning the spine will definitely help conditions like the one you have in fact the upper cervical adjustments are recognized to help reduce symptoms and most time can resolve problems if the are spinal related
Chiropractic care can beneficial for the symptoms associated with asthma. The chiropractic adjustment corrects the alignment of the vertebra in your spine. The vertebra especially in the upper back being misaligned can cause a person to have poor posture which leads to more stress in breathing. When an adjustment is made, the ability to move better results in less postural stress as well as on the chest and lungs. Chiropractors also provide nutritional education to help reduce inflammation in the body which can help conditions like asthma.
There are several ways they may be able to help. An adjustment will help optimize the nervous system. If they do any soft tissue work, that may also help to free up tension in the upper torso to allow for better breathing. They may also recommend some supplements that may help control inflammation of the body.
Chiropractic adjustments to the mid-thoracic spine may assist in relieving tension to the nerves that contribute to breathing and lung function. Bronchi dilate when certain nerves are stimulated. Anecdotally, patients have noticed improved asthma symptoms after getting adjusted by a chiropractor.
Nothing, unless there is nerve interference
Chiropractors make corrections to the spine, affecting the nerves responsible for lung function. There are other factors that affect lung function which Chiropractors address.