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Why do I keep pinching a nerve in my neck?

I am a 33 year old male. I keep pinching a nerve in my neck. What could be the cause?

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If you are pinching a nerve in your neck, it could be from misalignment of the neck vertebrae, lack of proper motion in the joints, disc problems between the vertebrae, arthritic change minimizing the area where the nerve exits the vertebrae or tight muscles around the nerve putting pressure on the nerve. Most of these problems can be helped with Chiropractic or
physical therapy.
It is possible that you have biomechanical instability with the vertebral articulations (joints) in the cervical spine. This will cause recurrent vertebral displacement resulting in nerve root irritation. It can also be accompanied by disc inflammation. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor to have your neck evaluated. You will probably need a series of chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with strengthening exercises. If you have had past injuries such as contact sports or auto accidents, this would definitely be a contributing factor to your problem. Those types of injuries in young people may not seem to be of concern at first, but can manifest themselves into a problem years down the road.

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Doc J
It’s probably something you do
There could be many causes for pinching nerves in your neck. The most common is stress. When you are stressed, the muscles in the upper back and neck tighten and pull on the cervical vertebrae resulting in a pinched nerve. It could also be positional. If you have your head or neck in one position for too long, the vertebrae can get fixated or locked causing the nerve to be pinched. It may happen in your sleep if your pillow is too high or uncomfortable. It can happen if cold air tightens the neck muscles. Anything that causes the muscles in the neck area to tighten or spasm can result in pinched nerves in the neck. In addition, a sudden, jerking motion of the neck can do the same. Chiropractic is beneficial to fix and maintain spinal stability.
Most likely a deficiency in spinal care. Go to the chiropractor and get an evaluation -- they will find and fix the underlying problem so that it doesn't keep recurring. Taking Ibuprofen can't do that!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Very likely that you are suffering from an un-healed neck injury or spinal degeneration due to an old injury. Posture and muscle imbalance can also be contributing factors. It sounds like you need to see a chiropractor.


Dr. Neill H. Payne
There are many potential possibilities, and perhaps multiple reasons for this. A good chiropractor should be able to help you figure that out by taking a detailed history and doing a thorough exam. That's the best way to answer your question--go see your chiropractor.
This is usually caused by the joints of the neck being out of alignment or the joints are not moving properly. A Chiropractor can treat these issues.
22. I don't like using the term "pinched nerve". Pain does not mean the nerve is "pinched". If the nerve is actually "pinch" it is a possible surgical case. Even if the nerve is in a position where it appears to be trapped on an MRI or CAT doesn't mean it is "pinched". The condition needs to be assessed on how the nerve is functioning. Pain is not the best criteria for assenting function. However, nerves are aggravated many times and may be associated with a lot of pain and yet respond quickly to Chiropractic treatment.