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Why do I only have pain in my left knee?

I am a 39-year-old female who only has pain in her left knee, not right. What can be the cause? Should I see a doctor?

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It could be your back or hip or knee.
Pain in one knee and not the other indicates that there was some kind of damage to that particular knee. It may be a ligament strain/sprain or a joint inflammation issue. If the pain lasts more than two weeks or interferes with your walking then I would see your chiropractor first.
Get that knee examined by a chiropractor who can adjust knees.

The knee, hips, or pelvis (or all) most likely are not aligned properly.

Yes. It could be the result of an old or new injury. Even if you don't think you had an injury, sometimes little things such as not seeing a slight drop off or hole that jerks the knee suddenly without pain can have future consequences.
You can have one arch that has fallen more than the other. That imbalance will cause more stress on one knee more than the other. Your should have your feet evaluated by a chiropractor who has the foot scanning technology to analyze your arches and make recommendations for orthotic support if that is the cause.

Dr. Neill H.Payne
There could be several causes. See your doctor
Yes, see a doctor, there are many reasons for this type of pain.
There could be many causes for knee pain on one side. I recommend visiting a Sports Chiropractor for an examination to determine the cause of your pain.