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Why does the side of my foot feel like it needs to crack?

I am a 27 year old male. The side of my foot feels like it needs to crack. Why is that?

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Most likely because the bones in your foot are not properly aligned. I would recommend you seek the care of a chiropractor trained in extremity adjusting.

That feeling may be a restricted tarsal (foot) bone or a strained tendon or sprained ligament. If there is some pain out there, it likely is a strain/sprain. There could be many reasons that could be happening depending on your activities, so have it evaluated.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
There are many reasons. Most likely a joint is mal-positioned and a chiropractor could have that feeling much better within a handful of adjustments.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
It probably does! I can't adjust or crack my own joints so don't try but see a chiropractor that likes to work on feet. Ask around because some will not. There are many little bones in the mid foot and they all need to glide a little for normal foot mechanics. When one is stuck to another that feeling develops.
The feet constantly take all of our weight against gravity, so the muscles and joints of the feet are very susceptible to strain and misalignment. I recommend going to a Sports Chiropractor or any Chiropractor who treats extremity complaints, to check your foot.