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I’m needing to know if I need to go to the er. I went to the dentist yesterday for an infected tooth and the X-ray showed I had two abscesses on my gums. They gave 875 mg augmentation but today my face where the abscess is really swollen even my sinuses on that side, I have a bad headache and my lymph nodes are swollen. My neck has been bothering me and when I woke up this morning, I could barely talk. I’m worried the infection is spreading.

Female | 39 years old
Complaint duration: 3 days
Conditions: None

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Yes, in this situation you need to go to the emergency room [ER] immediately as the infection may have spread beyond just teeth and into surrounding head and neck tissues/organs.
If you are that worried, go to the ER or urgent care. Usually, the antibiotics take 2 days to work. Brush the area with a clean toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide from the store, it may help. If you feel you have breathing problems from the swelling, ER for sure.
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I hope you feel better and this situation did not escalate. Infections are always a big concern. Augmenting a a very strong antibiotic and it should help. The body response to infections are enhance with the use of antibiotics. But this might take some time and it differs from patient to patient. The most important thing is when and how to recognize that the antibiotic is not fighting the infection. The are to mayor complications and life threatening conditions that have to be taken seriously, both of them associated with tooth infection. One is Cavernous Sinus abscess and the other is Ludwig's Angina. The first is and infection spread to the brain and the second to the the neck. In both cases, it's important when to recognize that infection is not resolving but getting worse. Upper teeth infections will progress fast and if not resolve in the next 24 hours, then it will cause swelling around the eye (orbital edema), this might preclude the infection is about to spread to the brain. Lower teeth infections are more prone to move downward and if uncontrolled, they will cause a swelling around the neck shocking the glottis suffocating the patient to die. This event is precluded by an elevation of the floor of the mouth pushing the tongue to the palate. In any of these two situations do not hesitate and waste your time calling your doctor and go straight to the ER. This decision will safe your life. I hope you get better soon and if you are then please use this information for love ones and yourself int he future. Thanks
Yes! If you have start to have an issues with swallowing or breathing, please head to the ER asap!
Augmentin is a strong antibiotic that works in most cases. However, antibiotics could take anywhere between 24-48 hours before they begin working. You should see the swelling and infection go done in a day or two. However, in some cases, the infection needs to be drained by a dentist before you see a significant relief.
If the infection doesn't get better within 2 days of taking the antibiotics and gets worse, then I recommended going to the nearest ER to get it checked.
It is possible that the infection is spreading; I would return to ER and possibly receive some IV antibiotics.
Since the antibiotic was prescribed yesterday, it would be best to try and give the medication 24-48 hours to start working. BUT - If pain and swelling have significantly increased since yesterday at your exam, I recommend following up with the dentist/doctor to see what their
recommendation is. Ultimately, the infection will need to be under control/eliminated before safely extracting/treating teeth. If pain has worsened significantly, they may recommend a higher dosage or different antibiotic.
sorry for the late answer, hello ,I am DR. Caroline. sounds like an oral surgeon has to drain your infection, thn remove the cause which are the teeth. some hospitals have oral surgeons who drain the infection if there is an slight opening on the buttom of your chin. Thank you.