Senior Health

Feeling Guilty When the Caregiver's Role Ends

Guilt doesn't just come from relief. It can also come from feeling frustrated.

The guilt doesn't just come from the relief caregiver's feel after their loved one passes. It also is felt when thinking about the negative moments and memories while caregiving.

With caregiving, it's easy to lose your temper, especially with your loved one. If you have yelled or exploded at the person in your care, it's vital to not beat yourself up about it. Of course,  you feel remorse for your sudden loss of self-control, but this is only natural.

Caregivers are always on call. They must always be aware and alert while being under constant strain, which takes a toll on your patience. It would be so easy for your loved one’s behavior to be irritating enough for your frustration to build to the boiling point.

Although you know how you want to be, this still doesn't stop you from feeling angry about being overwhelmed and wrongfully lashing out. What is not normal, however, is violent striking, hitting or being verbally abusive.  If you are reaching a point of no return, get help.