Senior Health

The Top Tips for Non-Verbal Communication with Alzheimer's Patients

Two ways to communicate non-verbally: Being kind and using touch

  • Try bending down and saying something positive and friendly to your loved one. While you are saying good things, hug them, put your head on their head, and keep saying positive words over and over. You will get through.
  • Avoid being demanding, sarcastic, or mean to your loved one. Always use touch when talking to them.

The positive reinforcement of calmness in your voice and the smile on your face will help. You need to learn to meet nastiness with kindness.

Another non-verbal way to communicate is with touch. Position your loved one in a chair where you can walk by them many times and give them a pat on the shoulder. Smile and wave. Wait for them to smile back at you. Reach out and let them put their hand on yours. Touch is a non-verbal but compelling way of communicating.