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Handling ADD and ADHD in Children

It can be quite stressful as well as overwhelming to deal with a child who is suffering from ADD or ADHD. As a parent it becomes important to have a positive influence in the life of the child so that they can deal with the daily challenges of the life. As a parent there are a lot of things which one can do to help in controlling as well as reducing the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

It is you the parents who can help their child to overcome their daily struggles as well as challenges by channelling his or her energy into the positive arenas thereby bringing about a greater calm to the family as a whole. As early as possible the child’s symptoms are addressed, the earlier there would be greater chances of attaining success in their life.

Below are few of the tips on how to handle a child suffering from ADD or ADHD.

  • Try and keep a positive as well as a healthy environment. It is you who sets the stage for the child’s health. As a parent when your mind is calm as well as focussed it would become easier to connect with your child. In such cases it becomes important to believe in your child and do not let small and petty issues take over you. As a parent, it is you who have control on most of the factors which can have a positive influence on the symptoms of the child’s condition. One of the best asset for helping the child to meet its daily challenges of ADD or ADHD is the positive attitude which they get from their environment as well as common sense. Try to keep things in a positive perspective. Try and understand that the behaviour of the child is mainly due to their disorder and it is not something which they are doing it purposely or intentionally. Try to hold on to a sense of humor, take it in a positive stride. Do not get irritated on small stuffs and try to make compromises. A task left undone is not a big deal when the child has completed the other tasks assigned to him or her. Try not to play the game of a perfectionist with the child. Always trust your child on various things such as they can learn, mature, change and succeed as well. Do not let them down or talk demotivating things about them.
  • Dealing with ADD child is not easy hence it becomes important to establish a structure or a routine and stick to it. Try to follow a routine so that you can help the child to stay focused as well as organised. You can make use of the technology such as clocks as well as timers. Simplify the schedules for both of you as much as it becomes possible. Also do your best to stay calm, organised as well as tidy. Children who suffer from ADHD are very much likely to success in carrying out as well as completing their tasks mainly when the tasks are occurring in a predictable patterns and also in predictable places. As a parent your job is to create as well as stick to that structure at home and out if possible. This would make the child understand on what to expect, at what time and what they are expected to carry out at that time. Go in for establishing a simple as well as predictable routine for meals, carrying out the homework, for play and then for going to bed. Teach your child on how to lay their clothes and be prepared for the next day. You can also try to place clocks as well as timers throughout the house wherein a big clock can be placed in your child’s bedroom. Provide enough of time to your child on what he or she needs to do such as carrying out the task of completing their homework or making themselves ready in the morning for school. Timers can also be used for homework’s or any transitional timings. Also provide a quiet space for your child which is their private space such as a porch or a bedroom. Make sure that the home is also setup in an organised manner and the child should be made aware that everything is kept in its place. It is necessary to lead by example.
  • The way a child can handle his case of ADD or ADHD majorly also depends you as a parent. Motivating the child, keeping them inspired and providing them proper education are all very much vital in ensuring that the child as well as you are on the same page. Children suffering from ADD need to have a consistent set of rules which they are able to understand as well as follow. You can write down the rules and place them up in a place where the child would be able to read it easily. Do not forget to praise your child when he or she completes any task or homework since it would provide them with a lot of encouragement. Always be in a lookout for the good behaviour of the child and praise them from time to time. ADD child often receive a lot of flak, criticism, corrections, complaints on their behaviour but hardly anyone praises them or their task. A positive comment, smile or a reward from your end can lead to an improvement in attention, concentration as well as control of their impulse. You can do your best on focusing in giving praises for their appropriate behaviour as well as to any of their task completed. Negative comments can be given in case of any inappropriate behaviour or a task not performed as desired. Also while rewarding, try to change their reward since they may get bored receiving the same reward. You can also make up a chart which has points or stars which can be awarded for the good behaviour of the child so that it turns out to be a visual reminder for their success.